Explosions can be caused by accidents or intentional acts of crime or terrorism.  Until proven otherwise, treat every explosion as a terror or criminal event.

  1. Take shelter in a sturdy room, under your desk or furniture.
  2. Following the event, evacuate yourselves and others as soon as you can.
  3. Do not use elevators.
  4. Be cautious for secondary explosions, fire or other hazards.
  5. Take your emergency supply kit if time allows.
  6. Help those who cannot move quickly, the injured, or disabled.

Remember that an explosion may also be a means to spread chemical, biological or radioactive material.  These devices are intended not only to injure you in an explosion, but to expose you to harmful contaminants or contagions.  Be prepared to decontaminate through copious amounts of water and removing your clothing.  This limits your exposure to harmful substances and increases your chance of survival and recovery.