Chemicals in the Workplace

Chemicals are common in the workplace, whether industrial, retail, or general business. If not managed and controlled correctly, chemicals can leak and/or react with one another, creating a serious health and safety hazard for employees, customers and the community.

Employee Recognition and Training

Each employee should be aware of the chemicals found in the workplace and the steps to properly manage their storage and use. Employers should ensure each employee is aware of warning and protective measures in place. Employers with significant amounts of chemicals should consider a Chemical Safety Program.

MSDS Sheets

OSHA standards require documentation of chemicals in the workplace through Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). By using the MSDS format, the most important information regarding chemicals in the workplace is included along with first aid instruction.

Hazmat Placards

Chemicals can be placarded during transit with Department of Transportation placards (or the NFPA Hazard Rating diamond placard for chemicals stored at a fixed facility.

Spill Reporting

Chemical spills in the workplace must be reported to local authorities, the Nebraska Department of Environmental and Energy (NDEE) at 402-471-2186 (business hours) or 402-471-4545 (after hours) and the EPA. Reporting allows local, state and Federal agencies ensure the protection of your company's staff, property and the surrounding community and environment. If reported early, a spill is more easily contained and mitigated, leading to lower costs to your company and a quicker return to normal operations.

Reactive Chemicals

Learn about reactive chemicals on the OSHA website.