Crimes & Terrorism

Incidents of terrorism are of great concern to local public safety agencies throughout the United States. The intent of terrorist groups is to intimidate or coerce through violence, or the threat of violence, against governments and the general population in order to further a political, social, religious or other agenda.

The goals of terrorism are to inflict a maximum amount of fear through large-scale loss of life, destruction of property, spreading illness or disease, disruption of regular government or economic functions, and the displacement of the civilian population.

Terrorism hazards typically include aspects of five major threats:

  • Chemical
  • Biological
  • Radiological Dispersion
  • Nuclear
  • Explosive

Tips for preparing yourself, your homes and businesses can be found here. 

Crime Prevention

In neighborhoods both large and small, people are very interested in maintaining safe communities. Whether at home or at the workplace, safety and security is a basic need and is best maintained through a cooperative effort between local authorities, residents and business owners. Here are just a few helpful tips for improving the safety in your neighborhood:

  • Get to know and work with neighbors.
  • Keep the property clean and orderly.
  • Set timers on lights when away from the home or office.
  • Illuminate or eliminate hiding places such as bushes, alleys, stairwells, etc.
  • Keep spare keys with a trusted friend or neighbor, not under the mat, in the mailbox, or ledge.
  • Report suspicious people, vehicles, or situations. Remember, if it seems out of place, it probably is.
  • Establish and maintain a Neighborhood Watch group.

For more tips and resources on preventing crime in your community, contact your local law enforcement agency or visit the National Crime Prevention Council.