Senior Citizen

Preparedness steps for seniors follow all the same general preparedness guidelines but should pay specific attention to the needs common to seniors. These steps help us review our current situation, evaluating the needs, and identify ways to overcome the barriers to our preparedness. Here are a few tips for seniors in their preparedness efforts:

Build a Kit

  • Include medications, medical supplies, apparatus and Medicare/Medicaid information.
  • Establish a place you may stay if you must evacuate.
  • Talk to your service providers about their emergency plans to provide for your needs.
  • Identify alternative services in your own community,

Make a Plan

  • Create a personal support network of friends, family and neighbors.
  • Identify the way that you will evacuate and communicate with others.
  • Make plans for your pets.
  • Make and practice your fire plan and always maintain your smoke detectors.
  • Call your local fire department for assistance.

Be Informed

  • Become more aware of the hazards in your community, including approaching weather.
  • Receive warnings and emergency information from local authorities such as NOAA radio, local TV, radio.
  • Register for free local telephone warnings.