Functional Need

There are numerous functional needs and each can require their own special attention after disaster strikes. By evaluating the needs of a disability, you can create a kit and a plan to be prepared for an emergency when it happens.

Have a Plan:

  • If communication assistance is needed with the use of medical equipment or sign language, know how you will communicate if they are not available. A pen and paper or small dry-erase board work great.
  • Set up a meeting place in case you are separated or lose contact.
  • Call local fire department.
  • Practice the plan regularly after it is created.

Build a Kit:

  • Current medical information and records
  • Extra batteries for hearing aids and an extra hearing aid if possible for those with hearing disabilities
  • Batteries for accessible communication technologies for those with communication disabilities
  • Extra contact lenses and glasses for those with visual disabilities
  • Battery powered versions of important medical equipment
  • Manual/non-electric medical equipment
  • Two week supply of medications and supplies used on a regular basis
  • Prescription information

Be Informed: