Preparation for your Agricultural Operation

Farming and agricultural communities face a number of risks and hazards including:

  • Natural disasters (flooding, severe storms, tornadoes, blizzards)
  • Biological diseases (human epidemic, zoonotic, foreign animal disease)
  • Technological hazards (agrochemical spills, utilities loss, bioterrorism).

These hazards place individuals, farms, animals and agricultural households at risk of injury, illness, propertly loss and business failure. Prepare today and avoid or minimize the impact on human and animal health or property damage.

The Center for Food Security and Public Health has excellent information to assist in your farm preparedness efforts.

Evacuate Livestock Whenever Possible.

Arrangements for evacuation, including routes and host sites, should be made in advance. Alternate routes should be mapped out in case the planned route is inaccessible.

  • The evacuation sites should have or be able to readily obtain food, water, veterinary care, handling equipment and facilities.
  • Trucks, trailers, and other vehicles suitable for transporting livestock (appropriate for transporting each specific type of animal) should be available along with experienced handlers and drivers to transport them. Whenever possible, the animals should be accustomed to these vehicles in advance so they're less frightened and easier to move.
  • If evacuation is not possible, a decision must be made whether to move large animals to available shelter or turn them outside. This decision should be determined based on the type of disaster and the soundness and location of the shelter (structure).
  • All animals should have some form of identification that will help facilitate their return.

Your disaster plan should include a list of emergency phone numbers for local agencies that can assist you if disaster strikes - - including your veterinarian, state veterinarian, local animal shelter, animal care and control, and county extension service. These numbers should be kept with your disaster kit in a secure, but easily accessible place.

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