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When an emergency strikes, Adams County Emergency Management wants you and your family or business to be prepared! We can help you create an emergency plan and build a survival kit for such disasters as tornadoes, floods, severe winter storms, severe drought, chemical spill, fires, and more!

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Adams County Weather Alerts

Jul 3

Today we are looking at a marginal risk for severe storms. For the 4th we are also looking at a marginal risk for severe weather. There is less than a 30% chance of some rain around 10 pm on the 4th. From Wed the 5th-next week are looking for diminished chances of scattered rain with normal temperatures.

Jun 28

The possibilities for severe weather for Adams County is Slight. This is a lower risk than yesterday’s Enhanced which the NWS was on target with. The timing for tonight is 8 pm-3 am. The risks are: golf ball sized hail, 60 mph gusts, heavy rainfall, and frequent lightning.
Thursday’s timing is 5 pm-midnight. The risk level is Enhanced for our area. The hazards are golf ball size hail and wind gusts up to 70 mph.
Even though it is not stated you can NEVER rule out the possibility of a tornado in NE.
Friday and Sat-Dry and mid-80s, but possible severe storms Sunday afternoon-evening.

Jun 27

The Hastings area has moved up to an enhanced risk for severe storms tonight. We moved from a slight to an Enhanced. High winds possible up to gusts of 70 mph. There is a lesser threat of hail up to golf ball size and an isolated tornado.
This more than likely will be a late event possibly as late as 10 pm.
For you information here is how they rate the risk.
The lowest to the highest categories:

Jun 26

We have possible severe thunderstorms on Tuesday, Wed, and Thursday. The chances are slight for the Hastings area but the potential is there. On Tuesday the greater chance of severe storms are to the Southeast of Hastings with the timing being 7pm-4am. On Wednesday the stronger possibilities is Northwest of Hastings with t similar timing as Tuesday. Thursday this whole area has about a 15% chance of severe weather in the afternoon throughout the evening. The temperatures are back to mid- 80s to low 90s.
The 4th of July weekend with temperatures in the mid-80s and 20% chance of storms.

What does Adams County Emergency Management do?

We are a department of Adams County, Nebraska, serving all of Adams County including the city of Hastings and villages of Ayr, Holstein, Juniata, Kenesaw, Prosser and Roseland. As an emergency management agency, we do much more than monitor the weather.

Some of the many things we do include:

  • Creating the Adams County Local Emergency Operations Plan and keeping it up-to-date.
  • Helping area families, businesses, schools and industries to create emergency disaster plans and assist them in practicing the plans when requested.
  • Conducting training and drills, testing equipment, and coordinating emergency-related activities with the communities we serve.
  • Setting up an Emergency Operations Center and serving as Incident Commanders or working with the Unified Command when disasters strike.
  • Assisting the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC), which is committed to improving the public’s awareness of possible chemical hazards in Adams County, and to ensuring the proper resources and planning regarding the safety of our communities is in place.
  • Serving as the Local Homeland Security Coordinator by writing and administering Homeland Security grants received by the City of Hastings or Adams County.
  • Being a resource and support agency for other emergency services, and helping area agencies in developing and conducting emergency exercises.

Our Staff

Chip Volcek

Director of Adams County Emergency Management

Chip has been with the Adams County Emergency Management Agency since March of 2011. He is on the Governance Board for Nebraska Regional Interoperability Network (NRIN), Fiscal agent for the South Central PET Region, and the Secretary of the Nebraska Association of Emergency Managers (NAEM) along with his county duties. Chip had a 21 year career with the North Platte Fire Department before retiring in 2007.

Chip and his wife, Christine, make their home in Hastings. He enjoys golfing, chess, and traveling with his wife.


Dawna Whitcomb

Administrative Assistant

Dawna has been with the Adams County Emergency Management Agency since July of 2013.

Most recently, she worked for the State of Nebraska, Department of Correctional Services, in Omaha before moving to Hastings. Prior to this, she was employed with JBS in Grand Island as an Accounting Specialist for 12 years.

Dawna lives in Hastings with her husband, Brad, where she enjoys music and spending time with family and friends.

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